Resume Tip: Associate Yourself With Big Brands on Your Resume

Do all you can to associate yourself with reputable brands, even if you haven’t directly worked with them. Have you ever had a client from the fortune 500 companies? Were notable venture capitalists willing to back up your startup (that’s if you had a startup)? Have you ever been featured in any important publications? Those popular brands have a way of standing out or attracting the attention of whoever will scan through your resume; try to include them.


Through follow-ups and meetings with senior leadership, I was able to strengthen relationships with 7 strategic partners, including Emirate Airlines, Procter & Gamble, and Coca-Cola.

Hired and managed 6 students from Yale and Penn, including graphic designers, salespeople, and programmers.

Collaborated with Zagat’s “Restaurateur of the Year” Steve Starr to have a Philadelphia-wide Restaurant Week at eight different venues.

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