Don’t Lie in Job Interview!

January 25, 2013 Posted by Vijay Ingam

I advise all of my clients to be honest in their job interviews. “You can sugar coat the truth but never lie.”

As a cautionary tale, I’ll mention a friend from business school that recently had to let go of a new employee. The employee was great, but she had lied on her job application. As a policy, my friend’s company asks applicants to disclose all the jobs they have had for in the last 5 years. She hadn’t mentioned that she had recently worked as a waitress in a restaurant because she had been fired from that job. The sad part is that this woman would have still gotten the job if she had been honest. My friend could have cared less that his potential employee had been a bad waitress. After all, the job was secretarial.

After a few weeks at my friend’s company, the employee mentioned to another employee that she had worked as a waitress at a nearby restaurant. My friend noted this was not disclosed on her job application and confronted her about it. She admitted lying and he had to let her go. He felt bad about losing a good employee, but he couldn’t keep a liar in his company.

Please be honest in your job application and interview.

About Vijay Ingam

Vijay is an experienced financial analyst, career coach and hiring manager, who was disappointed with the interview skills of many job applicants, even those from top-ranked business schools.

In 2009, Vijay began offering personalized interview coaching, resume and cover letter writing services in Los Angeles. Vijay’s services were unique because insisted that clients participate actively in the writing and editing process to ensure that resumes and cover letters accurately reflected client’s experience, skills and strengths. He encouraged his clients to prepare and rehearse their answers to common job interview questions prior to any job interview. After helping a friend in China prepare for a job interview in 2010, Vijay realized that he could offer personalized job interview coaching services anywhere in the world using Skype and phone. He subsequently founded Interview SOS.

While attending the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, Vijay was a career coach for the Parker Career Management Center (the school’s MBA-level career counseling service) who helped other students to prepare for job interviews, write resumes and draft cover letters. For four years prior to business school, Vijay acted as a Boston-area diversity recruiter and interviewer for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Career Program.

Vijay has his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, California. He is a National Merit Scholar and CFA charter holder.

Vijay’s sister, Mindy Kaling, is the executive producer, writer and star of the Mindy Project on Fox Television.

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