Samples of Prior Work

We make available sample resumes to give examples of our past work. We have written resumes in a broad range of industries. This page includes only a small sample of the resumes we have produced for past clients.Your resume may look very different based upon your education, background, and experience. Important details on these sample resumes such as the names and locations of past employers, universities, etc. have been changed.

Sample Resume

Sample Cover Letter

Our Resume Guidelines

There is a science to resumes and we are experts. A typical hiring manager spends only one minute reading a resume and cover letter (no joke). Thus, your resume and cover letter has to be succinct, skim-able, and easy to read. We have rules and guidelines for our professional resume writers in order to maintain quality. We use the standard resume format that is used by Harvard Business School.

Our guidelines include:

  • Using 11 or 12 point font
  • Only producing single page resumes
  • Utilizing Calibri or Times New Roman or font because they have been shown in scientific studies to be the most easy to read font for most people
  • Studies have shown hiring managers don’t read paragraphs but they do read bullet points. Hence, resumes should incorporate bullet points instead of paragraphs
  • Your position, the name of the company, and job description are more significant than your dates of employment. Therefore, our resumes emphasize on the former by putting them on the left side of the resume, bolded, in bullets, or italicized for emphasis.
  • We do not include more than 4 jobs or 7-10 years of professional experience on a resume (it makes the client look like he or she jumps from one job to another) unless it is essential.
  • All final drafts resumes are reviewed by two resume writers for quality control before being sent out
  • We divide our resumes into sections separated by lines to guarantee that the hiring manager can easily find essential information.
  • For legal reasons, we do not make statements in your resume that do not reflect your education, work history and job responsibilities. Your resume is a based on the information you gave us.
  • We do not include an objective section in a resume, since hiring managers are more interested in what applicants can do for them, rather than the goals of the applicant
  • Do not include high school or secondary education on resume unless you are less than 20 years old and have not attended college
  • What you do not include in a resume is AS SIGNIFICANT as what you include in a resume. We cut unnecessary information from your resume to make sure it focuses on your marketable skills and accomplishments.

This is the worst employment market in modern history and our clients expect us to give them a competitive edge with a professional resume.


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