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We Will Write a Custom Resume to Help You Land Your Dream Job!

Los Angeles Resume Service will create the perfect resume based on your achievements and your goals in a simple and professional resume format that hiring managers love. You can meet us at our offices in West Los Angeles or by phone or Skype or FaceTime.

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Our Resume Writing Experts Will Get You Hired!

Your resume needs to stand out from the competition if you want to land a great job. After all, employers on average only spend a minute reading each resume. Our experts will create a compact, easy-to-read resume to help you secure a great job.

You can rely on our experience and expertise in resume writing. We have the skill needed to create impressive and effective cover letters and resumes that will highlight your strengths, experience, education, achievements, and transferable skills. Our compact and easy-to-read resumes will help you impress the employer, greatly increasing your chances of securing a great job.

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Our Resume Services Include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Curriculum Vitae Creation
  • Resume Workshops
  • Unlike other resume writing services, we do not outsource to novice writers from overseas. We only use expert US-based resume writers.
  • We use resume writers with professional experience and degrees from top American universities
  • Our resume writers are familiar with the American education system and job market
  • We only hire resume writers with the best writing skills
  • We have all resumes reviewed twice by different resume writers to ensure accuracy and quality before delivering the final copy to our clients

Resume Writing Standards

Our goal is to write resumes that are powerful and persuasive to impress potential employers. We use the professional resume format created by Harvard Business School that is widely used in the United States and Canada. Our professional writers carefully follow these guidelines to ensure we provide the best resumes in the industry.

Our Resume & CV Standards are as following:

  • We write resumes using a specific font, which is considered by scientific studies as the most legible font for most employers
  • According to research, most employers prefer bullet points over large blocks of texts, which is why we avoid paragraphs in our resumes and use bullet points instead
  • We follow the verb tense guidelines from the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the leading book on English grammar and writing
  • We put the name of the company, your position, and the job description on the left side of the resume, in bolded bullets, or italicized for emphasis; as these are important pieces of information
  • We separate sections of the resume with lines to make sure the employer can look through and find any information effortlessly
  • We only include high school education on resumes for clients under 20 years of age who haven’t attended college
  • We avoid and remove unnecessary information from your resume to highlight your marketable skills and accomplishments

Los Angeles Resume Service never outsources our writing services to inexperienced writers from overseas. All our work is done by our experienced professional writers based in the U.S., who are familiar with the American education system and job market.

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